Third-year Projects

In the third-year design course IGEN 330, each student presents a potential project idea. The professors must approve the project ideas and then students form their own groups of three to five people. The projects are designed, built and tested over two terms. Weekly meetings with the professors ensure the projects stay on track. In addition to assignments and interim reports, the teams are responsible for a final report and presentation each term.

Past projects:

Aerodynamic Hardware

The Aerodynamic Hardware team has designed and built a variable angle automotive spoiler that improves the handling of a car by producing aerodynamic down force on rear wheels.


BeCool is the solution to keeping the interior of a vehicle cool while parked so you can return to your vehicle with a comfortable interior temperature.

Bidirectional Dynamic Hydrofoil

The competitive sailboat racing industry is constantly looking for innovative methods of increasing boat speed.

Cooling Motorcyclist Jacket

Modern motorcyclists are faced with a tough decision while riding in warm climates: wear heavy, insulating protective gear and be uncomfortably warm, or risk personal safety and ride in lighter clothing. Cooling Motocyclist Jacket is a protective jacket that regulates its own temperature and keeps the rider at a comfortable temperature.

Door Lock

Our remote door lock control device allows the user to securely and wirelessly communicate with their door lock using an Android smart phone.

Forklift Safety

The Forksafe system is a retrofitable system which is designed to warn operators of forklifts of an impending tip-over, to permit them to react in time and stop the tip.

Human-powered Generator

Design a small-scale generator system that converts human energy into electricity in order to power a light for working or reading, using materials that are typically available in developing countries.


The SafeShop system is an economically advantageous and non-destructive safety system that prevents operator injuries due to unintentional blade contact. This system is made up of a sensory and a blade retraction mechanism.

Spot Finder

Spot Finder is able to transmit parking space availability to driver’s mobile phone, allowing them to plan their trip prior to departure, or find the nearest, cheapest or most available parking at that moment.