Director’s Message

Welcome to the Integrated Engineering website. Integrated Engineering (IGEN) is a program within the Faculty of Applied Science at the University of British Columbia. IGEN is a multidisciplinary engineering program that places a strong focus on team-based engineering design by means of three full year project courses. In addition to developing a broad foundation in engineering, the student develops primary and secondary knowledge in specific engineering disciplines via 18 credits of technical electives in third and fourth year.

IGEN focuses on engineering design through design project courses starting in second year. Usually the design projects directly involve knowledge gained in core courses of the IGEN program, but more often the projects require students to do independent learning. The design project courses also emphasize oral and written communication skills which are essential in the practice of engineering.

Teaching of the design project courses is carried out by six faculty members from five departments in the Faculty of Applied Science: Chemical and Biological Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Mining Engineering. Any one of these faculty is available to help with projects. IGEN student and shop space facilities are located on the lower floor of the MacMillan building. You are welcome to visit any time the facilities are open.

IGEN students typically enjoy a challenge and problem solving which makes the program fun to teach. The students are also very personable. If you have questions after browsing through this web site, please let me know or contact the president of the IGEN undergraduate club; we would be happy to respond to your queries.

Dr. Daan Maijer, P.Eng
Integrated Engineering Program Director Emeritus (2008-2018)