Structure and Funding

An Advisory Committee composed of both academic and industry representatives will oversee the IGEN Challenge, establishing detailed scope and criteria for the challenges, deciding on the challenges, documenting the rules, and judging the outcomes. The Committee will also work with industry partners to determine which form the prize to the winning student team will take: either rewarding the team that solves the problem completely or, failing that, the team with the solution that best meets certain specific criteria. If no team solves the problem or meets the pre-determined criteria, no prize will be awarded.

The Faculty is currently seeking industry partners for the IGEN Challenge. An industry partner will submit their technical problem to be solved by the IGEN student teams and will supply the funding to cover the project-related costs of each student team involved in their challenge, totaling a minimum of $1,000 per team, as well as a $5,000 cash prize. Industry partners will also be invited to connect with student teams tackling their challenge as often as they wish, arranging group meetings and even participating in their classes upon agreement with the instructor and the Advisory Committee.

We are also seeking members of the engineering community to participate on the Advisory Committee to help guide the IGEN Challenge as it grows and evolves.