Industry Night

Integrated Engineering is a moderately young discipline, with a focus on design and communication. Each year, students take courses in core subjects and elective courses in at least two of the traditional engineering disciplines. What makes IGEN unique, is the 2-term design course, where students work together to complete a project of their choosing. Industry Night serves as an event to showcase the completed projects, as well as a networking event for students and industry professionals.

The night will include an open floor project display, during which projects will be judged. Industry professionals are encouraged to browse the project booths and ask questions and interact with the students, since these students will soon be looking for employment opportunities.

For further information on Industry Night or to RSVP to the event, please email

View the 2013 IGEN Industry Night brochure [2.6 MB PDF]

Industry Night video from the 2012 event

Photos from past Industry Night events

Industry Night1Industry Night2Industry Night3Industry Night4
Industry Night5Industry Night6Industry Night7Industry Night8
Photo credits: Jack Park, Brian Guo and Shu Yi Lu.