Prospective Students

2022 IGEN online info event / Q&A

Come online to hear about the Integrated Engineering program, about what students do in the program and where our graduates end up after completing the IGEN program, followed by Q&A time about anything you’d like to learn about the program.

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What is Integrated Engineering?

Students who choose IGEN are focused on getting experience through extensive hands-on project work, through combining different disciplines of their choosing to get a more focused technical background than might be possible in other engineering departments, and in taking on more responsibility in directing their overall academic paths. The program also emphasises project team-work, using entrepreneurial methods to solve real-world problems. Integrated Engineering (IGEN) is a tight-knit community of students who have an unconventional and exciting vision for their engineering degree that is based on adapting to the modern world.

To find out more from the student’s perspective, please check out the student-administered Integrated Engineering site, primarily for current IGEN students but open to all to see:

What is an Integrated Engineer?

An Integrated Engineer is:

  • Independent and self-directed, able to motivate and direct their own education
  • Intellectually curious and willing to pursue problems beyond the classroom
  • Eager to work with others and develop working relationships
  • Passionate about solving problems and enjoys seeing the results
  • Visionary; always looking at how processes and circumstances can be improved
  • Excited to face new challenges