Complementary Studies

IGEN students with their air ship

IGEN students with their air ship

The following is taken directly from the web calendar here. Read it carefully and make sure you understand it. If you miss any one of these you will NOT graduate and your summer celebrations after 4th-year could be ruined. (It has happened.)

Students must take complementary studies courses totaling at least 20 credits. The minimum requirements are as follows*:

  1. Professional development:
    • APSC 450 (2) or equivalent
  2. Communication (6):
    • APSC 176 (3) or ENGL 112 (3) or another first-year English course,
    • IGEN 201 (3)
  3. Engineering economics (3).
    All engineering programs include a three-credit engineering economics course, usually taken in third or fourth year.
    Approved courses include:

    • CHBE 459,
    • CIVL 403,
    • EECE 450,
    • MECH 431,
    • MINE 396, and
    • MTRL 455.
  4. Impact of technology on society (3).
    Students may seek approval from the Dean’s Office for other courses in this area.
    Acceptable courses include:

    • APSC 261 (3),
    • APSC 262 (3),
    • APSC 263 (3),
    • CIVL 200 (3),
    • CIVL 201 (3) and CIVL 202 (3),
    • CPSC 430 (3),
    • ECON 339 (3),
    • GEOG 122 (3),
    • GEOG 310 (3),
    • HIST 425 (6),
    • PHIL 435 (3/4),
    • POLI 361 (3/6),
    • SOCI 260 (3/6),
    • URST 200 (3).
  5. Humanities and social sciences electives (minimum 6 credits).
    This elective(s) must deal with central issues, methodologies, and thought processes of the humanities and social sciences. A course from the Faculty of Arts that satisfies the “impact of technology on society” requirement above may also be used to satisfy this requirement. Most courses offered within the Faculty of Arts are acceptable with the exception of scientific geography courses, statistics courses and studio/performance courses in fine arts, music, and theatre. Courses that teach language skills are not acceptable. In addition, ARCL 140, CLST 301, PHIL 125, PHIL 220, and PSYC 218 do not satisfy this requirement.
  6. The requirement for 20 credits of complementary studies may be topped up with additional humanities and social sciences electives or with courses that teach language skills. (A student who takes a course from the Faculty of Arts that satisfies the “impact of technology on society” requirement also satisfies the “humanities and social sciences” requirement. That student may take 6 credits of language courses to complete the complementary studies requirements.)


* Note: In the event of a disagreement between the information on this webpage and the online UBC Calendar, the UBC Calendar should be followed as it is the official description of the program.