Integrated Engineering (IGEN) is a multidisciplinary engineering program that places a strong focus on team-based engineering design by means of three full year project courses. In addition to developing a broad foundation in engineering, the student develops primary and secondary knowledge in specific engineering disciplines via 18 credits of technical electives in third and fourth year.

Integrated Engineering is unique in its approach to the Bachelor of Applied Science degree. It offers the broadest education of the engineering departments by allowing students to tailor their degree to their interests, giving precisely the level of focus that the student desires. For instance no other department could offer a specialization in aeronautics and biomaterials; however with IGEN this is entirely possible.

Completion of a B.A.Sc. in Integrated Engineering will normally take four years of study, however most students take additional years to enrich their degree with student teams, co-op, and other extracurricular activities. Students may enter the program from first-year Applied Science or via transfer from the first-year Science or Engineering transfer program at a community college. Students entering from first-year Science will normally have course deficiencies that must be made up. Consult the IGEN Student Advisor for assistance in such cases.

There is a Co-operative Education option (Co-op) where students normally take eight academic semesters and five Co-op semesters over a five-year period. Students normally apply for Co-op between January of first year and September of the second year of the program. The Co-op office should be contacted for details.