Do you like to create? Do you like turning ideas into something real? Are you entrepreneurial, creative, self-motivated or want to tailor your degree to your specific interests or passion? If so, IGEN might be for you.

What distinguishes IGEN from other engineering programs at UBC?

  • Self-pitched design projects in every year
  • IGEN 340 Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Full access to student run mechanical and electrical shops and 3D printing services
  • Taking technical electives from ANY engineering department (see technical elective course page for more details)
  • Access to ALL engineering co-ops on the job board
  • Tight-knit community where students and faculty work together to constantly improve the program

In IGEN, students have the flexibility to define their own unique path through their engineering education. Choice occurs through the 18 credits of technical electives that students use to establish primary and secondary themes in third and fourth year.   This allows students to build technical depth in areas which are specific to their needs, and to find ways to combine different disciplines into a technical background which potentially makes them stronger than specializing in one specific area.

Group projects in the IGEN design courses also provide flexibility and allow students to bring together different learning backgrounds (similar to the real world) in order to tackle problems that are proposed by students.

Additionally, the size of the IGEN program (approximately 50 students in each year) makes for a vibrant community atmosphere. IGEN students are invested in running the facilities and directing the resources provided by the program and through this, help to enrich the learning environment.