Student Projects

Projects are an integral part of Integrated Engineering. Students must complete a two-term design course held in each year of the program. They are asked to develop a project, do whatever design is necessary and build whatever they proposed to build. In addition, these courses teach project management, communication skills and most importantly, how to work in groups.

At the end of the year, students showcase their project at the annual APSC Design and Innovation Day. Students get to show peers, faculty, alumni, industry, and guests their final projects. IGEN has one of the largest number of projects at the event and is the only department/program which all students (2nd, 3rd, 4th+) participate.

2022 Projects

Automatic Blinds Conversion Kit poster

Automatic Blinds Conversion Kit

Cap n'Cool poster

Cap n’Cool

Umbrella backpack poster

Umbrella Backpack

Thermacup poster


The Smart Automatic Recycling Sorter Poster

The Smart Automatic Recycling Sorter

Project Trifecta Poster

Project Trifecta

Arduino Robot Muscle Poster

Arduino Robot Muscle

Regenerative Braking System Poster

Regenerative Braking System

Talaria Tag: NFC Wristband Poster

Talaria Tag: NFC Wristband

Barmaid Poster


Unmanned Water Testing Vehicle Poster

Unmanned Water Testing Vehicle

2021 Projects

Rope Access Alert System Prototype

Rope Access Alert System

MoniTile Prototype


To Do Dot prototype

To Do Dot

Pathole Identification Device Electrical Design

Pothole Identification Device

Project Flora Prototype

Project Flora

Synthesizer Glove

Auto Adjusting Headlamp Prototype

Auto Adjusting Headlamp

eBladeZ Model


PowerUp Model


MusicMe web app


Self Closing Smart Door Prototype

Self Closing Smart Door

UAGV Unmanned Aerial Ground Vehicle Model

UAGV Unmanned Aerial Ground Vehicle

2022 Projects

Torque Inducing Tremor Stabilizer poster

Torque Inducing Tremor Stabilizer

SAND-e poster


Geocentrix Autonomous Glider poster

Geocentrix Autonomous Glider

UBC's Public Gaming Platform poster

UBC’s Public Gaming Platform

Scoreport poster


Bike Sentry poster

Bike Sentry

Autonomous Mobile Energy System (AMES) poster

Autonomous Mobile Energy System (AMES)

Garden Gnome poster

Garden Gnome

ACL Recovery Buddy poster

ACL Recovery Buddy

Brewster poster


Blind Corner Detection poster

Blind Corner Detection

Post-Consumer Paint Processing Automation poster

Post-Consumer Paint Processing Automation

Garden Fairy poster

Garden Fairy

2021 Projects

macaroon maker

Macaroon Maker

Affordable housing

Affordable Housing



I Decide app

I Decide

Planet app


Fire drone


Overlap app


VR Glove model

VR Glove

Window Cleaning Robot model

Window Cleaning Robot

Prosthetic Alignment Jig model

Prosthetic Alignment Jig

Autonomous Mobile Energy System model

Autonomous Mobile Energy System

2022 Projects

PLBetter poster


CNC Melding poster

CNC Melding

Smart Carrier poster

Smart Carrier

Smart Shelf poster

Solar Shelf

tile poster


cLock poster


Fan Life
Solar powered fully
portable Air
Conditioner poster

Fan LifeSolar powered fully portable Air Conditioner

Motiv - A PhysioRecovery Solution poster

Motiv – A PhysioRecovery Solution

Wireless Long-Range Soil
Moisture Sensor Network poster

Wireless Long-Range Soil Moisture Sensor Network

Capsule Structural Tester poster

Capsule Structural Tester

Skyder Anti Drone System poster

Skyder Anti Drone System

2021 Projects

Automated Waste Segregation

Automated Waste Segregation

FindIT Railway NDT System mnodel

FindIT Railway NDT System

UAS Power Line Sensor Mounting

Rocket Launchpad Ground Support Equipment model

Rocket Launchpad Ground Support Equipment

RDX Rocket Stage Separation

RDX Rocket Stage Separation

Solar Bear Renewable Public Art

Solar Bear Renewable Public Art

BriLight Smart Lights

BriLight Smart Lights



Trail Dryer

Trail Dryer

Custom Insole QC Rig

Custom Insole QC Rig

9 Ball Pool Game Virtual Assistant

9 Ball Pool Game Virtual Assistant