IGEN – Workspace Plan – Final Approved Version (2021 Feb 26)

IGEN – Workspace Plan – Form to Sign for all Student Workers    (complete the form and email to


Student Workers will always contact the IGEN Program Director any time they enter and leave the IGEN workspace.  The following procedure is required for the IGEN Student Workers:

  1. A Google Calendar will be created to request and monitor the access to the shared space.
  2. Just before entering into the building, contact the IGEN Program Director (all workers will have the cell number to either text or call in)
  3. Workers will enter in through the door on the South of the Macmillan building. This entrance has been designated for Applied Science users in the MacMillan building.  At that entrance, there is a QR code to register your entry and exit from the building.
  4. If the duration is longer than 3 hours, contact the IGEN Program Director every 3 hours to confirm that the work is ongoing.
  5. When students are about to leave the IGEN workspace, a follow-up contact with the IGEN program Director to confirm the exit time.




Last update:  2021 March 8