Technical Electives

Wave power generator—generates green energy

Wave power generator—generates green energy

You must take 18 credits of technical electives in your third and fourth years. With very few exceptions, these electives must be taught within the Applied Science faculty. Within the constraints described in the following paragraph, you are free to take any combination of third and fourth year courses that interests you.

You must select nine (9) credits in one traditional engineering discipline, six (6) credits in a different traditional discipline, and three (3) credits from a discipline of your choice. Note the words “traditional engineering discipline”. This typically means courses from one of the six departments (CHBE, CIVL, EECE, MECH, MINE, MTRL). Depending on your interests, there is some latitude in the selection of the three (3) credits in a discipline of your choice.

In general any technical elective course available to students in a department is available to IGEN students. It is up to you to research the courses that are available and select the relevant ones for your academic development. It is suggested that you browse through the calendar. Please consult the IGEN undergraduate advisor if you have any questions.

Most importantly … START THINKING ABOUT YOUR ELECTIVES AT THE END OF SECOND YEAR and fill out the IGEN academic planning form:

Please note the following:

  • Some electives require a second year course as a pre-requisite. A maximum of three (3) credits of second year courses in the Applied Science faculty may be used as a technical elective if and only if it is a prerequisite for a third or fourth year technical elective.
  • You can do a graduate course as a technical elective. However, note that to do a graduate course you must be in 4th year, have a 76% or better average, and obtain permission from the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Also, some graduate courses are “piggy-backed” onto undergraduate courses, that is, the graduate course is the undergraduate course plus, for example, some extra independent work.

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Registration for Technical Electives

Inform the IGEN Undergradradute Advisor of your plans prior to registering for any technical elective. Once you’ve informed the advisor, there are two ways to register in a technical elective: 1) on-line, or 2) if you are unable to register on-line (course full or restrictions), you must fill out an add/drop form (available from Engineering Student Services) which requires signatures from the course instructor AND the IGEN Undergraduate Advisor. You can collect these signatures during the first week of a course and submit it to Engineering Student Services to be officially registered in the technical elective.

If you want to use a course that is core in the program of a department, then it may be difficult to get permission to register for the course. Some departments have seats available for IGEN students in their technical electives.

Scheduling electives can be tricky and several options are available. Use the Student Services Center to investigate all the options as much as possible. Note that the web calendar is more up to date and is considered official.


Not wishing to dwell on the negative, but wishing to make things even easier, a list of courses in the Applied Science faculty that you cannot use as a technical elective is given below. Generally, if the course is a project or thesis course, or if the course content overlaps significantly with that of a core course, you cannot take it.

Course Title Reason
EECE 370, 373, 374, 376 Electro mechanics EECE 365 in IGEN core
Credit only be given for one of
EECE 365, 370, 373, 374 or 376
EECE 375 (6) Computer-Based Instrumentation Design Laboratory Really a project course
EECE 419 (5) Software Engineering Project A project course
EECE 450 (3) Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects Engineering economics course
EECE 474 (6) Instrumentation and Design Laboratory Really a project course
EECE 496 (5) Engineering Project A project course
CHBE 452 (6)
CHBE 453 (6)
CHBE 454 (6)
Environmental Process Design Project
Biotechnology Process Design Project
Process Design Project
All project courses
CHBE 459 (3) Chemical and Biological Engineering Economics Engineering economics course
CIVL 322 (3) Project Based Learning in Civil Engineering Materials A project course
CIVL 402 (2) Engineering Law and Contracts in Civil Engineering CIVL version of APSC 450
CIVL 403 (3) Engineering Economic Analysis Engineering economics course
MECH 430 (3) Engineering Data Analysis MECH version of STAT 251
MECH 431 (3) Engineering Economics Engineering economics course
MECH 455, 456, 457, 458 Mechanical Engineering or Electromechanical Design Projects All project courses
MINE 396 Engineering Economics Engineering economics course
MINE 491 (4) Mine and Plant Feasibility Study A project course
MTRL 455 (3) Economic Aspects of Metals and Materials Engineering Engineering economics course
MTRL 464, 465, 466, 467 Engineering Design, Engineering Project All project courses