Pressure Pulse

Rajan Gill, Claire Pibrovec, Nicki Soles, Emily Sullivan, Dolma Tsundu, and Diana Watson The comfort your child needs. The Pressure Pulse band utilizes compression technology to give comfort to a child with autism when they feel overstimulated. It is easy to use and gives the child the flexibility and independence to deal with stressful environments […]


Han Bai; Rob Brodeur; Yuki Sekimori; Dennis Truong; Tomoki Uruma The Adaptapac is a modular hiking backpack, with water resistant and air release functionalities. The inner compartment bags eliminate the air inside to make them as compact as possible. We have created a comfortable design with a frame that transforms into a portable table/ bench. […]

sTEAp – The Ultimate Travel Mug

Sabrina Kentel, Theresa Kikuchi, Laura Wang, Jacob Latrace, Andrei Gavrilov, Tom Jiang sTEAp is the next step in convenience. It combines the to-go ease of a travel mug with the heating capabilities of a kettle, allowing users to boil and steep tea whenever, wherever. sTEAp will eliminate the need for consumers to stand in long […]


Arito Wada, Atlas Kazemian, Callum Kelpin, Jasper Lee, Rayan Basodan, Yitong Zhao Our product is a device that prevents ambient cooling by providing energy to hot beverages in a safe manner.

ASP (Automated Submersible Platform)

Jeremy Zimmerman Festinger, Andy Luu, Madeleine Yeskoo, Rene Rao, Gayle Laird, Brian Zhu The ASP, which stands for Automated Submersible Platform, is a streamlined, automated submarine capable of carrying a variety of research or search and rescue technology. This submarine is able to dive down to 5 meters underwater, covering a square or circular area […]


Tim Hollenberg, Zoë LeHong, Nicholas Toglia, Matthew Behan-Fossey, Panashe Mapokotera, Armaan Singh Ahluwalia HydroGen is a portable hydroelectric generator geared towards outdoor enthusiasts as a way to charge a battery pack that can be used to charge some devices, such as a mobile phone  


Melvin Mathews, Ryan Cui, Quinton Zerb, Milan Jaan, Ian Weber, Sanzhar Yessengarayev Solarbeam collects and focuses sunlight uniformly onto a high efficiency solar photovoltaic cell. Solarbeam is intended to reduce the size and cost of current concentrated photovoltaic arrays, lending itself to both residential and recreational use. The next step of the project would be […]


Matthew Chan, Aidan Demers, Griffin Dolling, Aeron Harefah, Jason Peacock, Andy Wang The IndieBar is an automated mixed drink machine that provides various different drink options at the touch of a button. It is targeted towards consumers who wish to have the convenience of a bartender in the comfort of their own homes. The purpose […]

Easy Wake

Wendy Duan, Liam Hilder, Kelvin Hsu, Alex Lim, Michelle Yan More than 70% of the population suffers from social jet lag, meaning a majority of people have to wake up before their natural wake up time. This makes waking up a challenging process. This project aims to gently ease the user into wakefulness to combat […]

Home Hydroponics

Chris Berenger, Garnet Butcher, Cecilia Hollier, Gareth Kaczkowski, Kenny Ponto, Eve Ulmer Home Hydroponics is a small scale hydroponic system used to grow microgreens. It is specifically targeted towards university students, apartment owners, and others looking to grow a nutritious and sustainable food source in their home or work environments. It utilizes sensor technology to […]