Prospective Careers

Haynes Zirnhelt

Haynes Zirnhelt demonstrates the snowboarder crash pad project. The students have become entrepreneurs with their IGEN project.

What can one do with a degree in Integrated Engineering?

In general you could do the following:

  • Work in large corporations with well-developed in-house training or apprenticeship programs
  • Work in smaller companies where several skill sets might be required (e.g., venture capital firms, small consulting firms)
  • Post-graduate studies in architecture, engineering, business, education, law
  • Create your own company or product and follow the entrepreneurial path

However, the best way to describe what you can do is to tell you what the current graduates are doing and what Co-op students are doing.

Graduates and Co-op students have found employment at:

  • ACROHelipro (Formerly ACRO Aerospace)
  • Ainsworth Lumber
  • AJ Forsyth, a Division of Russel Metals, Inc.
  • Alcan International Limited
  • AMEC Canada
  • Avcorp Industries Inc.
  • B.C. Ferries Corporation
  • B.C. Hydro & Power Authority
  • Ballard Power Systems
  • Baylis Medical Company
  • Bowater Canadian Forest Products Inc.
  • BP Canada Energy Company
  • Canadian Clyde Tube Forgings
  • Chatwin Engineering Ltd.
  • Cominco Engineering Services Ltd.
  • Cressey Developments (Vancouver)
  • D.C. Dean & Associates
  • District of Campbell River
  • Elk Valley Coal Corporation
  • Engineers without Borders (Africa and Ecuador)
  • Evasc Medical Systems
  • Extreme CCTV
  • GlobeGround North America, Inc.
  • Greenlight Power Technologies
  • Imasco Minerals Inc.
  • Kinetics Drive Solutions (Langley)
  • Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V.
  • Magpower Systems (Delta)
  • Methanex Corp.
  • Northwest Hydraulic Consultants
  • Powerair Corporation (Vancouver)
  • PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc.
  • Peter Kiewit and Sons (Vancouver)
  • Photosat Information Ltd
  • Point Four Systems Inc.
  • Prince Rupert Airport Authority
  • Prism Engineering Ltd.
  • Public Works and Government Services Canada
  • Regional District of North Okanagan
  • Silvatech Group (Drive systems technologies)
  • Suncor Energy Inc.
  • TELUS Logistics
  • Terasen Gas
  • UBC, Dept. of Civil Engineering
  • UBC, Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • UBC, Dept. of Wood Science
  • XMPDisplay Co. Ltd.

In addition, two graduates are doing Masters degrees, one in Electrical Engineering and another in Biomedical Engineering (after sailing across the Atlantic). Another is studying architecture.

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